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Help us to help you! Follow this checklist to maximize the value of your home and speedup its sale. Remember, first impressions last the longest!
1. Clean up your front yard and manicure you lawn.
2. Clean up your patio, deck, porch and driveways.
3. Trim trees and shrubs.
4. Replace damaged screens and clean up your windows.
5. Clean up your house and make minor repairs as necessary.
6. Repair leaky faucets and replace burned out bulbs.
7. Apply new caulking around windows and doors, and replace caulk in the bathrooms as necessary.
8. Repair peeling wallpaper, clean up or repaint interior walls as necessary.
9. Keep the kitchen and bathrooms spotless (those are the areas the buyers scrutinize the most!).
10. Remove excess clutter from the basement, attic and garage areas.
11. Organize your closets neatly.
12. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each level (it’s the law in some areas!).